Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Mommy-Files Santa Swap

The Mommy-Files occasionally has "swaps".  A swap is where a group of people get together, exchange names and send gifts to one another.  Swaps are a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers.  I missed the cut off for the Halloween one but was able to be a part of the Santa Swap.

The 2009 Santa Swap was a huge hit with almost 70 participants.  We each filled out a quick survey to introduce ourselves to our swap partners and to let them know about things we liked.

For the Santa Swap, rather than everyone randomly being assigned names, we exchanged names.   My swap buddy was Katie from Why Bother?.   Katie sounds like a ton of fun.  She has one boy, Jake, age 3 1/2.  Jake, is your typical boy, the good and the bad!  Katie lives in California and recently celebrated her first 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend Joe. (CONGRATS!!! I wish you many more to come).

I mailed out my box on Monday (it should arrive to you soon!!!)  I hope Katie and Jake love all the items I selected for them.  I had a great card for her but forgot to put it in the box, sorry!

My package arrived from her today and my daughter and I had so much fun going through it.  Katie included a great card that explained why she selected each item (I should have thought of doing that).  It was great to read the thought that she put into each item.

My swap partner did a fabulous job capturing me in this box.  I received some Ghiradelli  chocolate squares, YUM!!!! A beautiful bell that my daughter stole already and rang all night.  A cute tigger figurine and pez dispenser (I love Tigger, I have an entire room full of Tiggers).  Katie put in a set of Flip Flop magnets to represent the California beaches.  I bet she had no idea that my office has flip flops on the wall that my co-workers put up after my last trip to Jamaica.  A chocolate oragne with toffee, neve seen one of those before and can't wait to smack that open! There were a couple chocolate Santa's also in there (if you look close enough at the photo, you might notice that one is just a wrapper.  I couldn't wait!).  Katie was also thoughtful enought to put in a pair of Christmas socks and finger puppets for my daughter and a bone for each of my dogs.

Thank you for everything!  I hope you like your box as much as I love (and will enjoy eating) mine.

Merry Christmas! Off to break into the bag of Ghiradelli squares!

If you would like to see what other swap participants received from thier secret Santa's, visit the swap link up here!


The Mommy-Files said...

She did a great job! Looks like some great goodies! Merry Christmas :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! We got ours last night and I took tons of pictures and will post tonight. We loved it and appreciate every and every piece! :o)

MaBunny said...

Wow, looks like you had as much fun with your package as I did mine!

LyndiLou said...

How fun!!! It's great that she paid so much attention to what you and your family would enjoy! :) SOOO fun!!!

TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, yay! That's so much fun :)
I love how she included everything like the dog bones and the fact that you love Tigger in her gift to you!

Tara Bucci said...

Ohhh I so want in on this next time :p So much fun and what a great way to get to know fellow mommy blogger in a whole other way :)


Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

What a terrific package! Looks like she hit on everything you like and gave something for everyone.
Have a very Merry Christmas!

kalea_kane said...

What a fun gift package! Very sweet. You can tell she gave your gifts some thought. :)

Chacoy pronounced: Sha-coi said...

I bet your doggies are soooo happy!!
Great stuff!!


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