Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hard To Get Toys and Christmas Hoarders!

A good friend at work has a daughter that LOVES Melman.  Everything is Melman this or Melman that, it is so adorable.

Walmart released the Merry Madagascar stuffed animals and I meant to go get her one since they were only $9.   I kept putting it off and forgetting.  I happened by them at the store last night but there was no Melman.  They had the Hippo and Lion but no Giraffe.  So I went hunting online and what did I find?  NO MELMAN anywhere!  SOLD OUT, WHAT?  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Darn it, I waited to long.  Who would have known that the Merry Madagascar Melman would be so popular.  Not me, that it who! If you knew, why didn't you tell me?

You better believe that I am not paying $50 for the $9 stuffed animal at amazon, no matter how cute he is or how much I like my receptionist.

Seriously? $50 for a stuffed animal.  Are you crazy?  Thanks a lot who ever bought him and did not even want him.  You just took him from a little girl that would have snuggled and loved him.  (Guilt!!!! Did it work?  Do you think he felt bad?)

And what is with these Zhu Zhu pets?

I saw a ton (OK, maybe 30) at my local Fredmeyer but everyone online says how hard they are to get.  Did I run back out and buy them all up to sell at outrageously inflated prices? NO!  Why? because I do not want one and why cause some helpless parent grief from not being able to get the one thing their son or daughter wants for Christmas.  I will not be the cause of a child's sadness Christmas morning when Mom or Dad has to explain that they were not going to pay $30+ for a little rat hamster.

Sometimes I wonder how the "IT" gift is chosen each year.  Oprah? Was it you? or maybe Ellen!  Who decided that a hamster would be the most highly desired gift of 2009?  What were you thinking?

What is with the Christmas gift hoarders?  I know you are just out to make a buck by why do it at the expense of potentially ruining some kid's Christmas?  

The year of the Tickle Me Elmo, I stood in line for hours to get one for my nephew.  I ended up buying two but not to sell one to a parent, that did not get up at the crack of dawn and wait in the rain, at a high premium.  I gave my second one away to the giving tree that we have at our office that benefits Foster Children.

Reminds me of the guy at the Vancouver Best Buy this year that was all mad that Best Buy had a limit of 1 laptop per person for Black Friday.   He did not know of the policy until after he and his friends waited inline for over 30 hours. They originally planned to buy at least three laptops apiece and then resell some of the units for a profit.

He was so mad that he decided to just keep the one he was able to get and he does not plan to camp out in front of any stores before Black Friday next year.

GOOD!!! The Fewer the better!  Get out of my lines if you can't abide by the rules!!



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