Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mommy's Day off!

After my Mommy Confession post, I received a suggestion of giving hubby a bottle and telling him it was his turn. I took this advise and ran with it.

This past Saturday, my sister and I decided we were having a mommy day off. We took off around 9:00 for a baby show and then out for a day of shopping.

I had been saving some gift cards and a little bit of cash that I stashed away. I told myself that when I lost all the baby weight, I was going to get a "reward". Well that was almost 3 months ago I have just not had time to go out shopping for myself. This past weekend was the last days of the Semi Annual sale at Nordstrom and I decided that it was high time I finally got my "reward".

We started at Target to get the Baby Registry gift bag for my sister. She is currently 18 weeks pregnant with her third child. We got the bag and headed over to the toy department because I heard from the Nicole's Nickels blog that they were having an amazing sale. I found a Tigger with a giant head for only $4.24 (regularly $16.99).

Then we headed off to Kohl's to check out their clearance racks (awesome prices if you can find anything). maternity section and the baby section. I know it was my mommy day off but I can never pass up the kids clothing section, not that she needs more clothes. After searching, we left empty handed and a little disappointed.

Off to the mall!!

Entered through Sears but we save that for last. We stopped in to the Coach store to see about sending in my Diaper bag for repair. The edging on the handles is peeling off and I wanted to see if they could replace the handles. We perused the store to see how many (not if there were any) bags I could not live without. Check out the Poppy collection, it is super fun and they have great colors (even though I prefer the black). I almost walked out with a new purple bag but my sister suggested I think about it first and come back. I did not end up getting the bag but after talking to my husband, I will e going back to pick up a new black signature bag.

We then headed over to Nordstrom to check out the sale. I could not justify spending $50 on a shirt even though it was on sale so we went to the shoe section. I needed new work shoes that do not have a 3" heel (my physical therapist keeps scolding me on my shoe selection). I found the cutest pair of black Coach tennis shoes that I decided I had to have. Ok, so I was looking for dress shoes and I did not need them but I really wanted them and I had a gift card so I got them!

By now we were starving so off to Chili's we went. They have a 2 for $20 deal going on right now where you get a starter, two meals and a dessert for $20. YUM!!! We ate till we were stuffed then decided to continue to shop off the dessert we just ate.

We went to Motherhood maternity but did not see anything she wanted. After wondering the rest of the mall with out finding anything great we headed for our final stop, Sears. I found a ton of great stuff for both me and baby. They were having a great sale where all the clearance items were an additional 40-50 percent off the lowest tag. I got baby 5 new outfits for around $4 each and found about 8 shirts for myself. All total, I spent $74 for about $332 in clothes. LOVE IT!!!

I love being a mom but it felt great to get time to be non-mommy and spend time with my sister, just the 2 of us.


Shop with Me Mama said...

Wow! Sounds like you not only had a wonderful "Mommy Much Needed Day Off" but scored some amazing deals too! Way to go! Cute blog! Nice to meet you! :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Fun! Sisters are the best...and you deserve a fun day like that! I love me some Coach too, and you're so right the Poppy collection is adorable! But I always stick with the signature stuff too...congrats on your new bag! So glad you had a great day! XO


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