Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest Post Policy

Guest Post Policy

I love having guest authors at Over Thirty Mommy but it has recently been revealed to me that some of the "authors" that I have been working with are not authors at all but rather people who work for companies hired to place (paid) guest posts on blogs (for free).

Effective May 18, 2012, there is a new policy to having guest posts placed at Over Thirty Mommy

Who I Will Accept Guest Articles From:

1. People: readers of my site and fellow bloggers that have articles that fit with the theme of my blog.

2. Companies who have something to bring to my blog.

Article Guidelines:

1. All articles must be original ideas. 100% your own and not posted anywhere else.

2. Article topics must be family friendly, we do not post articles of an adult nature or topic

3. Any links in the article must lead to family friendly sites, preferably your own blog or author site (not paid
    links to companies or products)

I will not respond to email correspondence that says that you are willing to write on any topic I choose or "I have another great article for your site" so please include real information in your request/pitch.


Readers and Bloggers
If you are a reader or blogger who wants to guest post, you are welcome to submit your article for consideration. Articles from readers and bloggers and not subject to a posting fee (provided they are your articles and not paid projects).

Companies, Websites, Online Stores
There is a $20 fee to post your guest article if you will be including a link to your online place of business. This fee is subject to change.

My Rights As the Owner of Over Thirty Mommy

1. I reserve the right to reject any article if I feel that it is not a good fit or if I feel the "author" is not who they say they are.

2.  I schedule, on average, 2 weeks in advance (sometimes longer). If you have a deadline for having your article published, we can discuss an additional "RUSH" fee.

I am sorry, to my reader and blogger guest authors, that this policy has become necessary.  As much as I love having guest articles at Over Thirty Mommy, I am no longer "in the dark" about these types of schemes and will not be taken advantage of anymore.  I am more than happy to work with companies to post sponsored content but there is now a required posting fee for these types of articles.

Thank you and I look forward to posting your guest posts in the future, provided they follow the new Guest Post Policy.




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