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Make a Local Movie Premiere Special

Make a Local Movie Premiere Special
 by Janice Hill 
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This is something your kids will love! There are 2 main ways to dress up a local movie premiere, “dress” being the key word. This is a great time to allow your kids to dress up for the red carpet or as a movie character. They should take advantage of this while they can. Why? Because, usually if a full grown adult shows up to a movie theater in full costume, they are bound to get a few glares, but when you are there chaperoning a group of kids in costume, then it becomes acceptable. Oh the ways of our society J

The blockbuster movies coming out this year can easily be turned into a special event. Harry Potter wraps up with the Deathly Hallows Part II, there are new X-men and Transformers films, plus The Smurfs. These movies and many others will provide the perfect opportunity to make opening night an unforgettable night. What can you do for a special local premiere?
Dress Up as a Movie Star
Pretend you are movie stars; put on your Sunday best and hit the town. Get someone to be the pretend chauffeur and tell your kids to imagine they are in a limo as you drive to a fancy restaurant and later get dropped off in front of the theater. You can walk the red carpet like George Clooney or Angelina Jolie. Let your kids get into character by having them pose for pictures as you pretend to be the paparazzi.
Dress Up as a Movie Character
Theme costumes are the perfect choice for a movie opening. If you have friends or fellow parents who are also fans of the new film get together and make it a large group event. You can decide who will take on the role of which character. For example, when Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows Part II premieres, reserve seats in the cinemas for your special group by explaining what you plan on wearing and the theater will love to have you, since it helps promote the opening of the movie.

Pick a Harry Potter and someone to dress up as his best friend Ron Weasley. You definitely will need a Lord Voldemort, since this movie features the final battle between Harry and his arch rival. Imagine the fun you can have taking on all of the different roles. If you really want to add a little fun to the evening, find a local restaurant in a castle, or old school house where your costumed group can have dinner to stick with the Harry Potter theme.

Theme costumes will work out well for kids’ movies as well. When the Smurfs is released, make the premiere fun by dressing up a group of kids as the little blue characters. There are plenty of films with superheroes coming out this year as well and you could have the kids dress up as Iron Man, the X-men, or Green Hornet.


Just like they do in Hollywood, the point is to make opening night an event. Dress up and have fun with your kids at the local premiere of a film that you have been anticipating for a long time. What is wrong with taking a little break from reality once in a while? Stimulate your child’s imagination and get yourself to let loose. 

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