Friday, February 25, 2011

Post Valentine's Day Shopping Spree!

Post Valentine's Day Shopping Spree!

I read and follow many coupon and savings blogs to make sure I am not missing out on any great deals.  I love shopping and love getting great deals even more.  I do not usually post about my shopping deals or savings but my trip this week for post Valentine's Day deals was not to be missed.  

Last Saturday, one of the blogs that I follow (I wish I could remember which one) posted about how Target and Walmart were clearing out their Valentine's Day stock for 75% off.  I waited until Monday to do my shopping (hubby is not that into stocking up) and Wiggle and I headed out early.

I started at Target and loaded up on a ton of Valentine's day cards and candy.  I can not count the number of times we (my daughter and I) walked away saying we had enough only to turn around before getting to the check out to get more.   I checked prices on a nearby price scanner just to make sure items were worth the cost.  What I found was astonishing, the bagged candy was coming up at 75% off but the cards, cards with candy and the decorations were coming up 85-90% off!  We left with 4 bags full of stuff. 

Our next stop was Walmart.  While their left over stock was marked 75% off, the starting prices were slightly higher and it was not like Target where the prices were coming up 85-90% off.  One example was a Pixy Stix candy and card kit, 75% off at Walmart brought them to $0.84 (good deal) but the same box at Target was only $0.32! I did pick up a valentine's table cloth and a box of Mickey Mouse cards because my daughter could not live without the cute box that had lights on it. 

While driving towards home, my daughter and I (OK, more me that her but don't tell my husband) decided we had to go back to Target to get more.  I can't help it, the deals were too good to pass up.  We loaded up the cart with almost as much stuff as the first trip and walked out with another 3 bags of stuff and a pile of gift bags.

At the end of the trip, my daughter was exhausted and I was on cloud nine from all the great deals.  We ended up with $248.38 worth of Valentine's Day cards, candy and decorations for only $28.89 (saved $219.49 or 88.4%).

My husband was not nearly as excited as I was (until he saw that I got bags of nerds for only $1.12) with the amount of stuff that I purchased.  His comment was, what are you going to do with it all.  I explained that the stash of cards will be used by our daughter and the candy I will eat!

I admit while laying it all out to take the above picture, it might have crossed my mind that I bought too much stuff but come on, can you really get too many Valentine's day cards?  She can use them for many years to come (I made sure to get cards that are not year/movie specific).

A few of my favorite post Valentine's day shopping deals were the gift bags (large ones for only $0.29 and medium for $0.19), the card/candy kits ($0.32) and the Starwars silly bands (30 bands individually packaged for only $0.99).  All the cheap candy is pretty high on the list also!

Man I love getting great deals!!!!



Zack said...

Are you my secret sister? As I read this, I feel so connected to you....I LOVE SAVING MONEY!!!!

Shasta said...

WOW! Unfreakin believable! What a savings

Melanie said...

Awesome deal... you did great!!!!!!!!


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