Friday, January 22, 2010

Sleep Training: Night 2 and Night 3

Sorry for the delay in updating, I have been so busy planning Wiggle's first birthday party.

The second night of sleep training went pretty well.  I think that it went just a little better than night 1.  I am hoping that the progression continues and full nights sleep will be here soon.

Night 2:
7:30 Bottle with mom
7:45 Story time
7:50  Song time (Bob Marley tonight)
8:00 in bed
9:30 tiny whimper of restlessness but then back to sleep
12:00 light crying
12:05 mom checked in and put her blankie back on
12:15 mom checked in again (I know I should have waited a little longer, I am still training myself!)
2:05 little louder cry than earlier
2:12 mom got up to check on her but she self soothed and fell asleep by the time I got to her door
4:40 I'm Hungry cry, can't ignore this one!
4:45 mom went in for feeding
4:51 back in bed
5:10 fully awake so I got her up and we got ready for the day

Night 3:
I was working on party stuff so we got little bit of a late start on our routine but cought up with a shorter story.  She was in her bed by 8:10.

9:05 there was a tiny whimper but she quieted down on her own within a minute or two.
4:35 I woke up looked at the clock and realized that she had not woken up yet.
5:00 started whimpering, it turned in to the I'm Hungry cry so I went in and gave her a snack and put her back in bed by 5:15. ( I was off work today to spend her birthday with her so I went back to bed!)
7:00 Finally decided she wanted to get up for the day.

HOLY COW!!!! She slept through the night!  What a great birthday present for both of us, I just hope it wasn't a fluke and it happens again tonight.



Lindsay said...

Yay! Happy belated birthday to her! :)

Michele said...

OH YAY... slept right through the night!
I remember that very day with Trinity!! It felt so weird to sleep more than 2 hours in a row.

Good for you, good for both of you.
Happy Birthday Wiggle Bean ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Birthday for you both.

Did you immediately think something was wrong when you woke up. I know I did when it happened to me. You can't help but go check on them after that.

Kim, Erie, PA


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