Sunday, January 10, 2010

She Is Walking Already!

I just realized that it has been quite some time since I have blogged about Wiggle Bean.  Things are changing so fast with her, it is truly amazing how fast she learns and grown.  The above picture was taken the first weekend of December.

At this point, she could crawl at lightening speeds, stand on her own for a for short periods of time and had just started pushing her Step Start Walk 'n Ride.  

On December 16th, my daycare provider texted me to let me know that Wiggle Bean had taken her first steps.  Yes, she texted me, a first time mom, to tell me that I missed her first steps (but that is another story that I do not want to get into).

Did Wiggle take any steps for me that evening? NO!  No matter how hard I tried, I could not get her to walk for me.  Of course the next morning daycare asked me if she walked for me and I had to say no.  Wiggle did walk for me Friday, FINALLY!   It was only a couple wobbly steps before falling down but they were steps none the less.  I was such a proud mommy!

Some time between the 18th and New Years Eve she became a walking pro.  She was all over the place.  Yes, she would still stumbled and fall from time to time but overall she was doing remarkably well.  With in a matter of two weeks, she went from 3 wiggle wobbly steps to being able to walk across 2 full rooms or up and down the hall. 

What will she learn next?  It is just amazing how fast babies learn.  It seems like only last week when I was trying to get her to crawl and not she is running.


Suzi said...

Thank you for confirming what I have always believed. I NEVER, but NEVER tell any mom, new or not, about something their child does. There have been a few times when people have said I don't seem very interested in what the children do and that it makes me seem detached. That's not it at all. The real problem is that parents don't want to hear that I get to see their child's firsts sometimes before they do. So when a mom tells me that their child did something over the weekend...I just smile and tell them that's wonderful, even if it wasn't really the first time.

Anonymous said...

My daycare follows this policy if you prefer: What happens at Daycare stays at Daycare! In regards to firsts.

Heather McDougle said...

Aww that is awesome that she is walking now. Too cute. That would be annoying about the childcare provider texting you about it.

Momma Lyngheim said...

It is amazing how fast they go from barely being able to crawl to running around the house and getting into things.

Daddy Forever said...

That's cool. I love it when kids start walking. Our baby is still in the crawling stage, but he can stand up when he's holding on to the sofa.

Ann On and On... said...

I'm not sure how I would feel about getting the call. Either way, she's off and soon running. :)

Erin from Long Island said...

I agree with Suzi, especially with a new mom. And to send it in a text? Thats rather unprofessional. Regardless, I am very excited to hear of the little darling's progress and that you got to see it!


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