Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Review: Happy Panda Clothing for Bigger Babies

 Ever since Wiggle Bean was born, she has worn different size clothing than what is listed on tags.  She was able to wear newborn clothes for maybe a week before it was too small.  Putting her in anything with feet was out of the question, her feet were huge. 

When she was 3 months we were buying 6 month onsies, at six months she needed 9 month and now at 9 months we are buying 12month clothing.   The main problem we were having was with the length of clothing.  She is really tall but also thin,  so buying a size big to fit length is great but then we have issues with the waist.  Her pants will be perfect in length but if you pick her up, they fall off.   We couldn't win for loosing!

In June, I was lucky enough to win a gift card to Happy Panda from Momma To a Lil Lady [Bug].  I was so excited.  I checked out the site and fell totally in love with the Tagless Panda Leggings.  I checked over their sizing chart and noted that I would need 3-6 month size for Wiggle Bean, they only had 0-3 month available so I waited.  I checked back from time to time but never saw thew size I needed. 
 I waited so long that I missed my chance and my gift code expired.  I was sad but it was my fault for not paying close enough attention.  I contacted Pamela to see if there was anything that I could do but unfortunately, she had to abide by the expiration date to be fair to anyone else.  I completely understood and asked about the leggings. I guess the reason I never saw the size I wanted was because they only come in 0-3 month.  If I had known that, I would have ordered the (just as adorable) Tagless Panda Pants.

Pamela asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their Snappies on my blog.  I jumped on the opportunity because we have almost as much trouble with onsies as we do pants.  They are either to short to snap comfortably or they are super baggy in the body and it looks like she is wearing a parachute.

Pamela sent me the most adorable Halloween snappie for Wiggle Bean to try.  Wiggle is just over 9 months now and we were sent a 3-6 month onsie.  I was concerned about the fit for all of 2 seconds.  These onsies are generous in length with out being overly baggy in the body but they are still stretchy enough for rounder babies.  The fabric that Happy Panda uses is so soft.  Even after washing it a couple times, it was buttery soft. 

(The pants  in the picture above are not Happy Panda Pants and they are not Capri pants either.  This is what we deal with all the time. Fit great in the waist but way to short in the legs!)

One of my most favorite features is that the clothing is tagless.  I do not think my daughter cares (yet!) but I had (and still have) a huge issue with tags in clothing.  I have cut the tags out of almost all of my clothes.

About Happy Panda (taken from their site)
The Happy Panda brand exists to help dress bigger babies. Happy Panda produces high quality babywear, designed and made in the USA, using environmentally safe fabrics and inks for the safest, most comfortable fit for the happy panda in your life.


Happy Panda carries a great variety of clothing for the bigger baby.  They have cute leggings for little babies and pants for bigger babies.  The have adorable snappies for infants and T-shirts for toddlers.  They even have the most beautiful Diaper Cakes.  I would have loved to get a hold of one of those for my sister's baby shower this weekend.

We love our Happy Panda Snappie here and can not wait to make future purchases!  

Check them out here!!!  You will love their selection and the prices are great.  Your first item even ships free!

**Disclosure: I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.  I did receive a Happy Panda Snappie to keep for my testing purposes. This is solely the opinion of Over Thirty Mommy. Other people may have different experiences with the product.**


Pamela M. Kramer said...

Thanks for the great review! You little one looks adorable.


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