Friday, October 2, 2009

Wet Baby

***Warning, this post is about Baby Pee so if you are bothered by the topic, stop reading now***

I need help from all you experienced mommies out there.

When my Wiggle was a newborn, she wore a variety of types of jammies.  We used the footy jammies at first but found that we had to buy them a size or two bigger because she is so long and her feet were always squished.  After that we tried the gowns but I was always afraid that her legs would get cold since we were not supposed to use blankets.  Then we tried the non-footy type and I just put socks on her.  

As the weather got warmer, she decided (by screaming every time I attempted to put her in PJs) that she wanted to sleep in nothing but her diaper.  I let her, if that makes me a bad mommy,  oh well.  It was hot in her room and it seemed to help her sleep better.  Which in turn let me sleep better (I know how selfish of me!)

Now that it is getting colder, I decided that she needs to start wearing jammies again. The problem (and reason for the post) is that when she wakes up for her 2:30ish feeding, she is soaking wet.  Jammies, Sheets and everything.  I have tried one piece PJs and two piece sets and it does not make a difference.  This has happened 3 of the 4 nights that we have been wearing clothes to bed. 

It seems like the jammies are acting like a wick and pulling the pee out the top of the diaper and onto the clothes,sheets and teddy.  She is usually wet only on one side, depending on if she was sleeping on her back or front.  Yes, I let her sleep on her stomach.  She likes it and if I turn her over she just flips back over to her stomach.  I think it is OK now that she can lift her own head and roll over.

So without waking her up in the middle of the night, I have to strip her and the bed down and put on new sheets.

We go potty every night before we have our bed time bottle. If you are asking, how  I know she goes potty it is because we started some basic potty training about 2 weeks ago. She goes potty in her pink Bjorn potty every night before bed.

She usually takes about 8 ounces of milk before bed therefore her diapers are pretty full in the night.  I am sure that is the root of the problem but how can I not feed her if she is hungry?

My questions to all of you are:  How do you keep baby dry overnight?  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a special night diaper I am supposed to be using?

Man, why doesn't anyone tell you about all of this stuff before you have a baby!  Someone should write a book with all these weird things so that those of us who are clueless will get a real picture on parenting.

Any advise is greatly appreciated, my laundry is piling up and I am tired of holding a wet baby!  We won't even talk about what I hold when she decides to take half of her diaper off in the night and it is full of something other than pee.


royaldixie said...

I use to have this problem before we switched to Pampers Cruisers. They hold A LOT of pee. My 19 month old is a super soaker too. We also eliminated the night time drink. We give him a sippy at his leisure and he drinks minimally before bed. I have heard good things about the new Fisher Price Bed Time diapers available at Babies R Us and Online at TRU!

I hope that helps!

Michele said...

Hmmm... I remember having the same problem. So I did cut down on the nighttime drink.

I started using "night-time" diapers, extra absorbant during night, and also used a special pad underneather her sheets to save the mattress.
In my humble opinion, this is completely normal, and she'll outgrow it...
I hear ya though, the laundry was horrible to keep up with during that time.

Good luck Darlin,


djarnot said...

I agree with RoyalDixie and Michele, nighttime diapers definitely help. Also, we found when our oldest started doing this, that it was time to move up to the next size diaper, that saved us from moving to special diapers at night after that.

Hope that help cut down on the laundry :)
Wishing you dryer nights,

WonderMommy said...

For a while there I was desperate, my first is/was not a "super soaker" but my little one is a SUPER SOAKER. I also switched to overnight diapers, cut out large amounts of liquid and suprinslgy I was able to sneak in there and change her during the night w/o disturbing her...For a few nights I was so desperate I was putting 2 diapers on her...In the end that wasn't the best idea but I was done w/ the dilemma. Recently since we went up a size in diapers (1 size bigger) and cut out alot of liquid prior to bedtime we have had SUCCEESS. Good luck, switch to a size bigger and night time diapers HOPE THEY WORK!


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