Friday, February 3, 2012

SportsGuard Protective Sports Gear for Baseball

My daughter is only three and she does not play baseball but I have multiple nephews that are into baseball.  So when I was offered a chance to review products from SportsGuard, I was thrilled to be able to not only check out the latest products in baseball safety but to give my siblings and myself a little piece of mind by increasing the protection of standard issues youth sports apparel.

About SportsGuard
SportsGuard started in November 2007 out of the concern parents and coaches expressed for the safety of youth baseball players.  As some towns and baseball leagues began to mandate the use of heart guards, the founders of SportsGuard recognized a need that current products were not meeting -- effective protection for non-helmeted players pitching and fielding.  SportsGuard founders drew upon their expertise in biophysics and engineering to design HeadGuard™, a smart-fitting product that provides discrete and effective head protection.  Located in central New Jersey, just a few miles from Rutgers University, SportsGuard also offers other breakthrough sports protection products, including the StealthGuard™ heart protector and the XGrip™ cushioned bat grip. 
A portion of each SportsGuard product sale benefits Eden Autism Services, a national center of excellence serving children and adults with autism, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.

The SportsGuard Triple Play includes the SportsGuard HeadGuard, StealthGuard and XGrip.

HeadGuard: SportsGuard is the first and only company to offers sports head protection for baseball pitchers and infielders.  HeadGuard is the product of over four years of research and development. HeadGuard’s patented design and unique shock-absorbing material reduces the force of impact of a baseball striking a player’s head. It is easily inserted into the interior sweatband of a baseball cap, which holds it in place, while also taking advantage of the cap’s existing holes for ventilation. Weighing less than two ounces, it is extremely lightweight, breathable, moisture resistant, latex-free, soft, and comfortable for players of all ages.

StealthGuard: The StealthGuard heart protector comes with TWO iron on velcro fabric fusion patches and attaches to any TWO OF YOUR SHIRTS.  The StealthGuard is comfortable, priced with parents in mind and machine washable and dryable.  The StealthGuard's unique pod-design and specific density materials distribute energy from the impact-zone to maximize protection and performance.

XGrip: XGrip is a cushioned grip with a unique tread and pod-design with high-tech materials that gives Extreme Performance and Comfort.  It Xtinguishes the sting from aluminum and composite bats and cold weather.

Where to Purchase
SportsGuard products are “available at Ripken Baseball” facilities in Aberdeen, Maryland and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well as on SportsGuard’s website Discounts are also available for Teams, Leagues, and Tournament Fundraising. 

Over Thirty Mommy's Thoughts
I am a mother to a young girl but I am also an aunt.  Finding great gear that makes sports safer for my nephews is a priority for my siblings and myself.    I love that the SportsGuard product are easily incorporated into their current sports apparel, are easy to use and washable.  Comfort is a big thing for athletes, so it is great that the HeadGuard and StealthGuard are comfortable to wear and essentially unnoticeable once installed.   I am all for any products that will protect my nephews and some day my daughter while they are playing sports!

**Disclaimer: I was not paid any form of cash for this posting.   I received received a free product for the purpose of this review.  This is solely the opinion of Over Thirty Mommy. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**    



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