Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Colic and Gas in Newborns

With my daughter's second birthday coming up next month, I can not believe that two years has gone by so fast.  Lately I am finding myself looking at photos and thinking about the early days. 

Before she was born my husband and I discussed how we both were concerned with the amounts of chemicals in foods and bath products.  We decided that we would feed her as much natural and organic food as possible and would use bath products that contained as few ingredients as possible with a strong desire to have them be natural. 

I consider myself lucky that I never had to experience a baby with colic.  My sister on the other hand was not so lucky, she told me all about how colic in newborns causes sleepless nights (for both her and her son), uncontrollable crying, and terrible stomach pain.  She felt helpless and at a loss for how to make her son feel better.  I am not sure how she did it, I could not imaging feeling helpless and unable to stop my child's pain. 

I might have been lucky when it came to colic but I was not as lucky when it came to gas.  My daughter liked to eat fast and not matter how much I tried, I could not always get her to burp.  I tried the popular gas drops that were on the market but they must not have agreed with her.  She spit them up both times I gave them to her (so I stopped using them).  I wish I knew (at the time) of a natural way to cure newborn gas pain.  

At my newborn mommy and me classes, I often heard the other mom's talking about something called Gripe water but I never really knew what it was.  I looked it up and it sounded like a great product but I was not thrilled with it not being FDA approved.  Most gripe water products on the market are classified as dietary supplements.  Did you know that dietary supplements require no safety testing and that claims made by their manufacturers are rarely founded. 

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Anonymous said...

Colic Calm is an FDA approved, homeopathic solution to colic. It would also help with your baby's gas!


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