Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wiggle's Sick Day

For the most part Wiggle Bean has been pretty healthy since she was born, aside from the one ear infection and teething pain. 

A few weekends ago she was doing fine (aside from not wanting to take a nap since we were at grandma's house) and then all of the sudden when she woke up from her nap she was burning up and very cuddly.  Wiggle will give hugs and kisses when she wants to but in general is not the kind of kid that just sits in your lap and lets you snuggle on them (unless she wants something!)

After I put her to sleep, I ran to the store to pick up a few things and when I got back, found her to be running a fever and all she wanted to do was flop around and she never just lays around.  So back out I went to get her some fever medicine, of course it was right after the big recall and there was no baby Tylenol to be found.  I went with what I call Fake Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and raced home to take care of my Bean. 

We rarely give her any type of medications so I only gave her a half dose and we just sat together on the couch.  After a while we were ready to go home.  Let me tell you the almost hour drive (stupid construction!) home was not fun.  She was so upset and screaming in her car seat the entire time.

She pepped up a little before bed and was quietly playing with some of her toys.  I put her to bed, hoping it was a fluke illness and she would be better in the morning (what do I know, I am a first time mom and this was her first illness). 

Morning came and I was getting her ready to go to daycare, it was their last music class and she loved music class, but she was still very lethargic and not at all her normal rowdy self.  I got out the thermometer and sure enough the fever was still there.  I decided that even though she would miss music class, it would be better to keep her home, not only for her but also since her BFF Olivia was leaving the next day for Hawaii and I would have felt terrible if she got sick during her trip.  So I called in to work and we stayed home.

All she wanted to do all day was sit around.  She would sit with me on the couch snuggled up in my lap then climb down and go over to daddy's couch where she would climb up and sit reading her books with her blankie and baby, then she would come back to me.  Occasionally she would go sit on the floor and play with her puzzles but for the most part she just sat on the couch (just like the picture above).

It would have been a dream day of peace and quiet has it not been for her being sick and not feeling well.


Anonymous said...

No one wants there little one to be sick but I have to admit, being able to spend the entire day snuggled on the couch with her has been some of the best days.

Typically your lucky if you get to sit down for 10 minutes.

Kim R.


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